About Ignite MindShift Impact

Our Mission is to inspire, enable and accelerate the fulfillment of life goals to accomplish more than previously thought possible.

We realize our mission and vision by delivering distinctive classroom and online learning experiences, based upon the latest research and timeless wisdom on each subject area coupled with applicable life & work examples.

We bring the “best of the best” training to provide core understanding of key “life skills” that enable participants to have the confidence in their personal and interpersonal leadership to achieve their goals and enabling others to do the same.

Impact Stories

  • "The Ignite MindShift course has made me more confident in my future after high school because it's taught me that I'm only limited to my beliefs and my beliefs are my choice to change and adjust and expand. I think this mindset will give me the confidence to face challenges of all shapes and sizes in the future."

    Kate S.
  • "I’m so glad and blessed that I was selected to take part in this Ignite MindShift course that helped prepared me for life after high school"

    Beni R
  • "The program and materials are amazing. Although I was there to provide insight to the youth I found the info to be very beneficial to me as well. The handbook was very easy to follow -- even for an 8th grader!"

    Sky H.

Recent Events

Our Founder, Fred Brown was really honored to spend time learning from with Kevin Singleton from his program @elevateNY and share some of our Ignite MindShift content with his class.
Kevin is doing amazing things in The Bronx, NY making a true impact and being a true inspiration for many.

Much of our work on Happiness and Gratitude is inspired by best-selling author, Shawn Achor‘s @shawnachor book, The Happiness Advantage.

Shown here launching his latest book, Big Potential (with our Director of Operations, Lanie Wingert)

Our Director of Operations, Lanie Wingert talking with Amy Blankson @amyblankson – author of The Future of Happiness and her husband, teen pediatrician, Bobo Blankson @doctorbobo1 about the role of Technology on Teen Happiness.

Teens inspired by Shawn Achor @shawnachor to do 70 Random Acts of Kindness; sporting their Ignite MindShift colors

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