Critical Life Skills

Life skills are essential for everyone

Our Critical Life skills provide the foundation for a lifetime of success.  We teach how to apply the best Time/Life Management practices for today’s world to increase your productivity while freeing up more time for what matters most to you. We focus on understanding key aspects of Money and Financial Management and utilizing those to manage your finances and build wealth.  We teach how to utilize best practices in Goal Setting, The Compound Effect, and Keystone Habits to achieve exponential results.

Money Mindset

  1. Common Money Limiting Beliefs / Myths
  1. Cost of Living Budgeting game / Choices
  1. Money Activity with realistic “fake money”

Time Management & Focus

  1. Time Quadrants (Stephen Covey)
  2. Big Rocks Interactive Student Demo
  1. Just get started, Make it a Game
  2. 5 second rule / Do something for 5 mins
  1. Technology and Sleep
  2. Setting reminders and appointments
  3. Power of Focus: Myth of Multi-tasking activity
  1. Scheduling activities at the right time
  2. Energy Management: breaks and sleep

Lifelong Learning

  1. Lose the Distractions (do “deep work”)
  2. Energize / Take Breaks (every 45 mins)
  3. Act like a teacher – (Learning Pyramid)
  4. Revisit / Review different ways / times
  5. Note-taking

Goal Setting /
Intentional Life Plan

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