Foundational Mindsets / Skills

Build Your Foundation

Our Foundational Mindsets embrace the amazing power of having a Growth Mindset to “upgrade” your beliefs and achieve your goals. Mindset tools will be provided to help develop an understanding and allow you to build your Emotional Intelligence (EI) for improved results in relationships and life. These foundational skills focus on creating an intentional personal brand and identity based on core values and character traits and setting an action plan for your life.

Mindset for Success

  1. Fixed vs Growth Mindset
  2. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance
  3. Obstacles Make Me Stronger (OMMS)
  4. Everything is “figureoutable”
  1. Focus on what you can control
  2. Maintain perspective
  3. Victim vs Victor Mindset
  1. Importance of Goal setting
  2. Maintain perspective
  3. Victim vs Victor Mindset
  4. Being intentional in all that you do

Identity & Personal Brand

Emotional Intelligence

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Self-Management
  3. Self-Regulation / Mindfulness intro
  4. Social Awareness (including Empathy and use of Technology)

Happiness & Optimism

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