Andrea Hutson, Ph.D.

Andrea is the founder and President of Agile Analytics. She has a Doctorate in Developmental Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. Andrea founded Agile Analytics with the focus on the improvement of education for students in grade PK-16 in August of 2011.

Through the years, Andrea’s work has examined the effects of various programs on student academic achievement, including large state and federally funded multi-year studies. Recently, Agile Analytics has expanded from interest in purely academic outcomes to SEL and communication skills and the sociocultural environments of schools.

A self-proclaimed data junkie, Andrea loves learning new and flexible statistical methods to better examine the effectiveness of programs, like clustered multilevel modeling and propensity score matching. Andrea serves as a coach and mentor for evaluation for several groups and is a founding board member of Capacity Catalyst, where she mentors senior level graduate students interested in evaluation.

Andrea lives the beautiful Hill Country of Central Texas where she spends time with her family.